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Cydia Eraser - 0.9.32

3.67/5 (12 投票数).

(this is "beta"; only for iOS 8.1 through 9.3.3; please send me reports of any issues) (0.9.16 fixed "file exists" error on devices without basebands; 0.9.17 fixes "read-only filesystem" error on devices using TaiG's AFC2, and also added support for iOS 8.1) (0.9.18 updated the name and icon, as well as adding partial support for iOS 9.0 and a ton of fixes for other versions of iOS) Running this tool will destroy all of your data: this is, in fact, the goal. (You should make a backup first. After using this tool, you will have to re-activate your device. If you are logged in to iCloud, you will need to have your Apple ID password to get access to your device after it reboots.) (this tool will not work on the iPod touch 6th generation, as there are no OTA updates for that device)